SuperThings Secret Spies Series (Series 6)

You can buy now the new Series 6 SuperThings.

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superthings-secret-spies-sobre coleccionable barata

Secret Spies Blind Bags

The new envelopes in this Special SuperThings Secret Spies Series. You have more than 80 new characters. If you buy a box, 50 envelopes will come along.

Blíster Hideout & Spy Detector de superthings secret spies en oferta

Blister Hideout & Spy Detector

Find out how they change colour. The box comes with 1 spy detector, a hideout and four SuperThings (one of them is an ultra-rare one).

Las-guaridas-de-SuperThings-Secret-spies-Secret-Hideous baratos

Secret Spies Hideout

We heard that there are 2 surprises, a new character and the secret hideout.

Vehículos SpyJets superthings secret spies en oferta y baratos

SpyJets vehicles box

These new vehicles seem harmless but the truth is they all hide secret weapons inside. There are 4 different new vehicles. Each one has two versions, so in total there will be 8 different ones for collection.

Blíster oferta y barato de 10 SuperThings Secret Spies

SuperThings Secret Spies Special Pack

Buy this special blister pack with 10 SuperThings, one of which will always be gold. You can see them in the video below.

Secret Spies de SuperThings pack de inicio y guía completa

Starter pack and Secret Spies SuperThings guide

The best way to start this new Spies collection is to buy the comic. You also have the detector gift, 3 SuperThings and some real spy glasses.

👉 New vehicles and accesories

Secret Spies Superthings Heroes Headquarters

SuperThings Headquarters with exclusive vehicle, Mr King exclusive figure and 2 SuperThings. Lift the vehicle cabin to the control centre and operate the lever to slide it back.

Superthings Kazoom Racer secret spies vehículo

Superthings Kazoom Racer Vehicle

A new Kazoom Racer Vehicle that comes out with this Series. It comes with an exclusive Kid Kazoom figure, you can put the vehicle in flying mode or normal battle mode.

Vehículo Superthings Speed Fury oferta y barato

Superthings Speed Fury Vehicle

A new Fury Speed Vehicle that comes with this series. It comes with an exclusive Kid Fury figure. You can put the vehicle in flying mode or normal battle mode.

Lata de Superthings Speed Patrol de oferta y barata

Superthings Speed Patrol Can

This novelty is a special can containing 5 superheroes that make up the Speed Patrol team. You can collect it together with the other cans you already have.

Superthings Power Band de oferta y barato

Superthings Power Band

A band that you can wear on your wrist. With the Power Band Watch, you can play with 4 different characters. It activates 3 sounds per character.

A new special series of the ‘SuperZings’. But now they are called by another name. We will find out why they have changed their name.

oculus max ultrararo superthings secret spies
Ultra Raro Oculus Max

‘SuperZings’ are now SuperThings. This is the Series 6.

The news we have is that the Secret Spies series comes out in theory on August 21st. You can buy them now so that they arrive at your house the earliest.

comprar superthings secret spies en Aliexpress

You can already buy Secret Spies Series 6 at AliExpress

secret spies superthings bolsa suelta en oferta y abrata

You can already get the Secret Spies Series 6 at AliExpress

Coleccion completa de la serie superthings secret spies
A fan sent us this photo of the complete collection.
colección de secret spies de superthings, foto enviada por un fan
A fan sent us this screenshot.

MAGIC BOX had SuperThings as a registered trademark and it now looks like the Series they planned to release are not coming out. In exchange, they offer us this new collection with a different name: Secret Spies.

Secret Spies Videos

Ep 3 | Oculus Max’s tricks

The SuperThings are now secret spies! They can be heroes and then turned into villains. MagicBox want to surprise us with this new launch, with a new name and loads of hours of fun!

Secret Spies Mega Unboxing
Superzings Secret Spies series
SuperThings Secret Spies Series

✅ When does SuperThings Secret Spies Series come out?

It looks like they will be released in August, replacing the series 6 release. According to one of our fans, they will be released on August 15/20th 2020.

As they have already been advertised, we think the new Series can be brought forward to July.

👏👏👏👏 These images have been sent by Tom. Thanks a lot Tom for your contribution!

superthings secret spies comic guia
SuperThings secret spies comic book guide

✅ SuperThings Kid Kazom Vehicle

The new vehicle of one of our favourite characters!

SuperThings Spies Series Vehicle

✅ Superthings Vehicles: SpyJets

These new vehicles seem harmless, but they all hide secret weapons inside. They will surprise your enemies!

vehículos de los SuperThings Serie Espía
SuperThings Spy Series vehicles

✅ What’s special about the new SuperThings Series?

As far as we can see in the images, the spy characters change colour with temperature, We’re sure that if you put them in cold or hot water you’ll have fun watching their eyes light up.

✅ Ultrarare SuperThings Spy Series: Oculus Max

The new ultra-rare included in each series could not be missing. In this case it will be this mysterious character.

Ultrarao SuperThings Serie Espía secret spies Oculus Max

This character is known by all the fans, but he has the particularity that nobody has been able to see his face, so he will be the the great surprise of this new series.

He is a hero and a villain at the same time. The ultra rare is MAX, MR’s personal assistant. KING, an enigmatic and secret character known by all the fans. He has never been seen in any comic book or series…

✅ SuperThings Secret Spies: Secret Hideouts

You can find new hideouts in this new SuperThings Spies collection..

Images sent by a fan:

As announced, 8 new hideouts will be included in this Series for you to store your new characters.

Like other times, the fun thing is that you can make fun constructions with the hideouts, build buildings, forts, walls, any kind of fun building, since you can put them on top of each other.

✅ Silver and Gold SuperThings Secret Spies

Meet all the characters in this video.

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