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SUPERTHINGS Fire Strike - Includes 2 Exclusive Figures and 2 Exclusive Vehicles
  • EXCLUSIVE FIGURES – Contains 2 exclusive vehicles, 2 exclusive SuperThings and accessories
  • GREAT PLAYABILITY – Water Rescuer must try to catch Wildfyre, who is fleeing in his helicopter after setting fire to half the city He uses the helicopter...
  • ENTER THE BATTLE - Can the hero put out the fire in time? The action in Kaboom City is endless! Discover the new adventures you can organize thanks to...
  • GUARANTEED FUN – The SuperThings are everyday objects that have come to life and have transformed into superheroes and villains They all live in Kaboom...
SUPERTHINGS Bank Assault - Includes 2 Exclusive Figures and 2 Exclusive Vehicles
  • EXCLUSIVE FIGURES – Contains 2 exclusive vehicles, 1 safe and 2 exclusive SuperThings
  • GREAT PLAYABILITY – Kaboom City bank is being robbed! Will the evil Gold Hands get away with it? Live this new adventure with the SuperThings Bank...
  • ENTER THE BATTLE - Will Agent Silverstar be able to stop Gold Hands from using the dynamite to open the safe and take the gold inside?
  • GUARANTEED FUN – The SuperThings are everyday objects that have come to life and have transformed into superheroes and villains They all live in Kaboom...
SuperThings - 6 Kazoom Machine Display (PSZSD166IN10), Includes 12 Exclusive Figures
  • 6 Kazoom Machine display with 12 exclusive figures. Now you have the same power as Professor K and Enigma with the Kazoom: you can transform objects and...
  • There are 3 Kazoom Machines to collect. In each door there is a drawing of the object that will be given life: a lollipop, a clock and a console
  • Would you rather they become a hero or a villain? Press the corresponding button... and the transformed object will appear! Wow!
  • Welcome to Kaboom City! The city of SuperZings, where you can create millions of stories and where Superheroes and SuperVillains will face each other in...
Stor 10374 Funny Sandwich Box Super Zings Lunch Bag, Compound, Multi-Coloured (Multi-Coloured)
  • Practical sandwich box for children with the size needed so that children can take their snack to the park, school or on any trip out of the house. Made...
  • Lunch box decorated with attractive designs based on the main characters of their favourite series, it will make little ones happy to take it wherever they...
  • Our lunch box is perfect for taking breakfast, snacks, lunches to school as it is the ideal size for a sandwich, fruit or snacks. Dimensions: 17 x 14 x 5.5...
  • When closed, it is perfectly sealed to prevent spills and can be easily opened by boys and girls.
Stor Micro Mug Super Zings Micro Mug 350 ml Super ZINGS
  • Officially licensed product, 100% original
  • all products of the stor brand are free of bpa and have passed the tests required in their category to comply with European regulations
  • Practical mug that will delight the little ones in the house, being decorated with some of your favorite characters from the world of cinema and...
  • Brand:stor
Kis Fury Ultra rare

This new series is focused on trains, we will have vehicles on rails and SuperThings with a desire to drive their trains and wagons.

Besides, our SuperZIngs learn to fly. They have wings, layers, jetpacks and anything that allows them to fly.

While we wait for the Series 5 you can buy this:

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πŸ’₯ The launch of SuperZings Series 5 is scheduled for the week of January 20th, 2020, and can be booked online

Our friend Angel sent us these pictures:

Coleccion completa SuperZings serie 5, todos los personajes de la serie cinco

A fan sent us images that seem to have been taken without permission that we have had to remove.

In case you didn’t find the biscuits from the previous series, here they are:

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We already have KID FURY, Series 5 ultra rare

We already have the first images of the ultra-rare of the 5 series. This makes us think that with the arrival of the new one we will have the 5 series in the market, even before the foreseen.

SuperThings Series 5 new collection

Everything indicates that it is the evolution of some of the SuperThings you already have in your collection.

We are waiting to be announced by the official brand to confirm this news. We will tell you about it in this page, based on information that we are finding on the internet in different pages.

A fan has sent us this morning a picture of what supposedly will be the SkyRacers boxes:

🎁 SuperThings Series 5 Products

An image of the new AeroWagon that is going to be released.

buy cheap AeroWagon box superzings series 5

About the SuperThings Series 5 where new flying characters can be seen.

buy cheap and bargain 5 series superzings in envelopes

The previous series have been a success, so we are already nervous about what the new 5 series will bring.

β–· Get to know in depth SuperThings Series 5

πŸŽ₯ Have a look at all Series 5 characters in this video

superzings blister serie 5 with 2 aerowagons

The children are like that, they haven’t finished playing with the Series they have and are already asking for the next set.

πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ A fan called Nico has sent us a list, which we can’t say is the real list. As Nico tells us, this list is already circulating on the internet:

These are the 6 new teams that are supposed to come out apart from the ultra rare Kid Fury. This morning a fan has sent us this image where you can see the 6 captains and the shields of each new team.

Series 5 SuperZings Shields and Captains
superzings series 5 gold rocketzing and alien bandit
superzings series 5 flying

πŸš€ Gold: Superheroes

  • Superheroes Leader: Rocketzing
  • Supervillains Leader: Alien Bandit

πŸš€ Team Sky Runners

  • Powerheat Silver and captain
  • Chai Fighter Yellow
  • Chai Fighter Blue
  • Flynn Wheel Orange
  • Flynn Wheel Purple
  • Peachy Pack Red
  • Peachy Pack Green
  • Sherlook Green
  • Sherlook Purple
  • Frutti Fly Red
  • Frutti Fly Blue
  • Albertgine Purple
  • Albertgine Pink

πŸš€ Team Lightning Raiders

  • Airblades Silver and captain
  • Mad Mix Yellow
  • Mad Mix Blue
  • Dark Eight Purple
  • Dark Eight Pink
  • Duckle Orange
  • Duckle Green
  • Shacky Purple
  • Shacky Orange
  • Freezy Foot Blue
  • Freezy Foot Green
  • Boiling Head Blue
  • Boiling Head Red

πŸš€ Team Air Wings

  • Sky Bishop Silver and Captain
  • Pooler Yellow
  • Pooler Yellow
  • Sky Billy Blue
  • Sky Billy Yellow
  • Tasty Warrior Orange
  • Tasty Warrior Green
  • Subzing Blue
  • Subzig Yellow
  • Bucky Button Blue
  • Bucky Button Red
  • Fight Foam Red
  • Fight Foam Purple

πŸš€ Team Black Comets

  • Top Tower Silver and Captain
  • Bad Jammy Yellow
  • Bad Jammy Blue
  • Coconutty Orange
  • Coconutty Green
  • Pepper Panic Red
  • Pepper Panic Green
  • Jolly Roger Yellow
  • Jolly Roger Purple
  • Heavy Iron Purple
  • Heavy Iron Green
  • Wicked Eyes Purple
  • Wicked Eyes Pink

πŸš€ Team Flying Surfers

  • Komput Silver and Captain
  • Action Noodle Yellow
  • Action Noodle Blue
  • Attaco Orange
  • Attaco Purple
  • Tropic Thunder Orange
  • Tropic Thunder Green
  • Ace High Green
  • Ace High Blue
  • Slap Red
  • Slap Blue
  • Water Nose Purple
  • Water Nose Pink

πŸš€ Team Rocket Gang

  • Bad Data Silver and Captain
  • Rain Head Blue
  • Rain Head Yellow
  • Zip Fingers Yellow
  • Zip Fingers Purple
  • Negagiri Orange
  • Negagiri Green
  • Ocean Weight Blue
  • Ocean Weight Yellow
  • Chilli Shock Red
  • Chilli Shock Blue
  • Iron Jaws Pink
  • Iron Jaws Purple

πŸš‚ SkyRacer: train type vehicles

According to what we have been told the large vehicles of this new 5 series will be trains. They are going to take out 4 different models.

  • Mighty Cannon
  • Turbo Kicker
  • Hungry Hunter
  • Rusty Blades
Aerowagons serie 5 superzings

πŸšƒ AeroWagon: Train wagons to be attached to the locomotive

The wagons that we can connect to the locomotives (SkyRaces) will come in smaller and cheaper envelopes.

We assume this, but as in previous series they have been brought out like this, we assume that they will be small wagons that we will connect to play.

According to Nico, 8 different AeroWagons are coming.

πŸ‘‰ When does SuperThings Series 5 come out?

We read that MagicBox Toys is planning to launch Series 5 in January 2020. According to our fans, the launch is scheduled for January 20th.

We’ve already read interviews with their manager, and it seems that everything is ready for the launch of the five series in January 2020.

If it happens the same way as last year, they will be released at the end of January, which was when they launched the series three.

We still don’t know if they will have a special name or the characters that will come, but we will be updating this page as information comes in.

For now, what we have are the words of one of the company’s managers, who, speaking about the new chocolate eggs, announced this date in an interview.

“And, on January 2020, we are planning to launch the SuperThings Series 5 with new characters and a new line of toys”

πŸ˜‡ Serie 5 Rumours

πŸ’¬ Series 5: 81 new SuperThings

SuperThings based on rails, trains and wagons.

There will be 6 new teams, as in previous series, accompanied by special vehicles. According to what we have read on other websites they will be called AeroWagons and SkyRacers.

They look like big vehicles that go on rails like trains, smaller ships in boxes and cheap envelopes with wagons that are connected to the locomotives.

We are waiting to have images of these new launches to put them up.

πŸ’¬ New chocolate eggs

The manufacturers of the famous chocolate eggs, which are not yet on the market, have said that due to the demand from previous orders for the first series of 16 figures coming up, they are already working on a second one, but it is certainly not for the launch of the fifth series of SuperZings.

Although we can neither confirm nor deny anything, they could surprise and with the release of the 5th series also bring out a new series of chocolate eggs.

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