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SuperThings - Series 4-50 Collectable Figure Display (PSZ4D850IN01), with 1 Figure in each Envelope
  • Pack of 50 individual SuperZings 4 Series envelopes. There are more than 80 figures to be collected
  • The new SuperZings face off in duo teams. Each team has its rival pair: two superheroes vs two villains
  • Find the 6 silver captains, the 2 gold SuperZings and the ultra-rare one: Kid Kazoom
  • Discover the new adventures you can organize thanks to these new characters and new games
SuperThings - Series 4 - BlasterJet Blister (PSZ4B416IN00) with 4 Figures (1 Silver) and 2...
  • Funny blister pack with 4 SuperZings and 2 blasterjets for a great aerial battle
  • One of the 4 SuperZings is silver, the blasterjets are one for heroes and one for villains, and includes 6 superdisks
  • The blasterjet can fire its discs to neutralize the enemy - prepare your battle!
  • Each box contains 4 SuperZings, 2 blasterjets and 6 superdisks
SUPERZINGS - Series 4 - 4x8 Can Danger Gang Display (PSZSD48TIN10) with 5 Exclusive Super Villains
  • Exclusive special tin with 5 villains who make up the Danger Gang team
  • You can use the can to transport or store your favourite figures
  • The villains want to take down Kaboom City, and these characters will be the best to help in the difficult task
  • Discover the new adventures you can organize thanks to these new characters
SUPERTHINGS RIVALS OF KABOOM - Series 4 - Contains 8 Collectible Cars MegaJet with Figures, Complete...
  • Pack of 8 individual boxes of megajet vehicles. The new Series 4 MegaJets are super-strong vehicles ready to wipe out the enemy!
  • Blaster Punch shoots and strikes with precision, Tornado Spike breaks through in any situation, Rolling Chop crushes everything in its path and Battle Claw...
  • Each vehicle has a special attack, you can connect a Blasterjet to them and launch them at full speed. Get ready for the most incredible battle!
  • Discover the new adventures you can organize thanks to these new characters and new vehicles
SuperThings - Series 4 - Blister pack with 10 figures (PSZ4B016IN00), 9 Figures and 1 Golden Super...
  • Blister pack of 10 figures SuperZings Series 4. There are over 80 new SuperZings to collect in Series 4!
  • This spectacular blister contains 10 different SuperZings, one of them gold. Your collection will grow quickly with this 10-pack!
  • Discover the new teams along with their silver and gold captains, and expand your collection. Are you ready to live the best adventures with your favorite...
  • Discover the new adventures you can organize thanks to these new characters and new games

✌️ The new Power Tower: 2 exclusive new figures!!!

SUPERTHINGS Power Tower Assault – Contains 2 Exclusive Figures and Accessories
  • EXCLUSIVE FIGURES – Contains 2 Exclusive SuperThings and Accessories
  • GREAT PLAYABILITY – Show your skill and throw the superhero down the ramp, and the adventure begins Will you catch Metalhead in one jump?
  • ENTER THE BATTLE - Hit the target and you will expel the villain, but be careful! Aim well or you will be imprisoned in the tower of SuperThings Metalhead
  • GUARANTEED FUN – The SuperThings are everyday objects that have come to life and have transformed into superheroes and villains They all live in Kaboom...

👍 Here you have the complete list of the Series 4 so you can download it in excel format and cross out the ones you have and highlight the ones you are missing

See Complete List SuperThings Series 4

News superthings serie 4

Here you have the first images of the awaited series 4, so that you can see the new characters that are going to come out.

The previous series have been a success, so we are already nervous waiting for the new Series 4.

We can already have some news for you. To start, images. You can see some characters in these photos.

We don’t know what their name will be or all the characters that will come, but we are going to give you some clues and provide you with all the information we have at the moment.

These are the words of one of the Magic Box managers, the company that created this series of characters that have driven millions of children crazy.

Julia Cake from Magic Box Toys, said: “We are very excited about the fourth SuperZings series. It’s an innovative brand that continues to grow at a rapid pace. We know that we have created a really nice concept with a very popular theme. Each new series sees its own point of difference”

For school

🚀 The planned launch date for the Superzings Series 4 is August 23rd 2019 🚀

This is already old, and you have them in the shops. If they have not yet arrived in your city or town, you can buy them online.

According to the managers of Magic Box Toys, which manufactures these fun characters, the launch date of Series 4 will be August 23rd 2019.

We hope they will launch it for all countries at the same time. The previous series was launched worldwide on the same date, although it took a few days longer to reach some countries. Let’s hope that in this case it will be the same and we can all enjoy the series 4 at the same time.

We will release the entire series 4 on the same day in August.

✌ How many new characters will the Superzings 4 series bring?

The new Series 4 collection will bring 80 new characters, and as in previous collections, there will be rare and ultra rare ones.

There will also be accessories and new boxes with fun elements and vehicles. More fun things for the world of SuperThings.

So now you can make room for this new series. We don’t know the equipment and names yet. We’ll put them up when we know them.

Comic guía de Superzings serie 4

🚗 New 4 Series vehicles: Blaster Jets

Blaster Jets. 8 new vehicles that take the battle to the highest and most fun level.

Vehicle box launches discs
Caja Vehículos lanza discos

These new vehicles are said to fire a disc, which they carry as a weapon built into the car. A super-powered weapon that is activated by pressing a button, thus knocking down all enemies.

It looks like they will come out at the same price as the previous series.

🚗 New Series 4 flying vehicles: Mega Jets

Because of the name, we think that they are flying machines of the latest technology. Until we see them we won’t be able to get an idea of how cool they are.


8 different models will be launched

These machines are super-powered and ready to break the sound barrier by flying through the air.

If you join the Mega Jets to the Super Blaster Jets, you will have a unique vehicle that knocks down all the enemies.

🤩 Series 4 Starter Pack

As announced by the manufacturer, they will release an initial pack or blister that will include an envelope with an Ultra-Rare SuperThings, a unique and exclusive Blaster Jet and 3 normal SuperThings.

This is a great way to get those characters as they are very difficult to get in normal packs.

We do not yet know the price at which they will come out in all countries.

🎁 Series 4 SuperThings Cans now on sale: Danger Gang

superthings can Danger Gang

Also not to be missed in this new series are its famous cans, which are also widely used by children to store their entire collections.

The cans are very cool and beautiful, all the kids love them.

In the new series 4 the cans include five exclusive Danger Gang villains.

🎁 SuperThings Series 4 blisters

They have also announced that they will release blister packs. Small packages, containing 4 SuperThings from the series, including a special silver one.

In this blister pack you will also find a Blaster Slides and a Blaster Jet.

It is one of the best purchases you can make to have all the new characters.

Other planned launches

Apart from everything we have mentioned, they are planning to launch new toys based on the characters from the previous series, but not everything has to be new in Series 4.

  • Kazoom Lab: In this lab you will see Professor K fighting Engima. Both of them will fight with special weapons for the Kazoom. This new toy will bring two exclusive and unique characters.
  • Hero Monster Roller Truck: A new place where the SuperThings catch the Villains in the Monster Roller Truck. They will fight with blaster type weapons. The box has two exclusive characters.
  • The Power Tower: It is a new fun action game, children can play to throw their SuperThings through the mouth of the tower and watch them fall. The set has two exclusive characters inside.

👻 The Series 4 chocolate battle: chocolate eggs

It seems that they are also going to bring out some chocolate eggs with special characters. Here we leave you with an image that seems to be real. There will be 16 new characters in the collection.

chocolate SuperThings  Eggs surprise

It seems that they will not only be series 4 eggs. They will be a permanent SuperThings eggs that will be available at usual places such as supermarkets, candy shops, etc.

These eggs will be about the battle of chocolate, and the characters are based on this theme:

List 16 characters SuperThings Surprise Eggs

We assume that if they are successful, these 16 will be the first, but then they will expand the series, so we will soon have to create another section for the special collection of chocolate eggs.

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