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pack box de Kazoom Kids SuperThings

Ultra rare series 8 NEONBLAST (SuperThings Kazoom Kids)

NeonBlast Ultra rare SuperThings series 8

We believe the name for the new SuperThings series will be SuperThings Kazzom Kids although some people will simply call it SuperThings Series 8.

When will the SuperThings Series 8 Kazzom Kids series come out?

🚀 If everything goes the same as in the last releases SuperThings Kazoom Kids will be launched on August 2021. There are already rumours about the new products. Let’s hope that this year they will be ahead of schedule and arrive before Christmas.

Every year Magic Box brings out its new collection for the end of January. If the tradition continues, the new Series 8 will be with us before the end of January next year. We already know its name and the surprises it brings.

SuperThings Kazoom Kids New Series 8 Packets

Again the single packets will have the £0.80 usual price. There are 80+ new characters to collect, and as always there will be two gold ones, and a silver one as captain of each team.

pack box de Kazoom Kids SuperThings

The new collection will be named Kazzom Kids. If we follow the original numbering, it will be the seventh SuperThings series Magic Box releases. New 80 characters will be launched plus a new Ultra Rare character.

SuperThings Kazoom Kids Sliders Packets

Once again we will have the opportunity to collect new SuperThings vehicles. These are the Slider.

Each packet contains a SuperThing and a special vehicle. There are 12 different ones to add to your collection.

✅ Each Slider has a different special attack.

box SuperThings kazoom kids one Sliders
box SuperThings kazoom kids one Sliders

SuperThings Kazoom Kids Slider Blister


If you buy this new blister, this is what you will find:

  • 1 Slider
  • 4 SuperThings characters
    – One of them silver

SuperThings Kazoom Kids Blister 10

Especial Blíster with 10 SuperThings kazoom kids
Especial Blíster with 10 SuperThings kazoom kids

This SuperThings Kazoom Kids 10 Blister contains a hidden golden character inside.

Starter Pack SuperThings Kazoom Kids 8 Series

Starter Pack SuperThings kazoom kids
Starter Pack SuperThings kazoom kids

For those starting the collection the best thing to do is to buy this magazine. It contains the following:

  • Comic-guide.
  • 1 Slider (the new Kazoom Kids vehicles).
  • 3 Single SuperThings Kazoom Kids packets.

Kazoom Kids collector tin Team terrible

collector tin SuperThings kazoom kids Team terrible
collector tin SuperThings kazoom kids Team terrible

When does SuperThings Series 8 come out?

🚀 The date everybody is talking about is August 2021

We will keep an eye on the news in order to better specify the release date of the 8 series.

Will the new Kazoom Kids become the Series 8?

This new seventh SuperThings series does not continue the previous Kazoom Kids Saga. Magic Box have decided this is the begin of a new saga of powerful Kids, with new vehicles and robots.

We will continue to keep an eye on the news in order to better specify the launch date of the 8 series.

We don’t know how long they will continue to release the Kazoom Kids Series, but everything points to it lasting a while.

What is so special about this new SuperThings Series?

MagicBox never cease to amaze us every time they bring out a new series. This time they bring us the the first Big Kids, and the Ultra Rare NEONBLAST ⚡ But there is more:

  • The single packets are now red. 💙
  • The vehicles are now sliders machines. ✈️
  • New Kids. 🤖

Is Doctor Volt a Hero or a Villain?

Some say he is here to come up with good ideas and fight on the right side. Others say his will light up when he is ready to attack and destroy everything as a villain.

We will see which side he is on very soon!

Psst! We have a clue for you. Doctor Volt has a big “H” in his glasses.

Is NEONBLAST going to be DoctorVolt rival?

Everybody on the Internet is asking the same question but we still don’t know much about this new Ultra Rare Character. We believe the new Youtube stories will help us answering this question.

This new Series is about Kids. Will the NeonBlast be powerful enough to fight DoctorVolt? Is he able to create a machine to beat it? We’ll see!

How many SuperThings will come out in the 8 Series (Kazoom Kids)?

To this day they have always maintained the same number of collectables. If everything remains the same, this is the approximate number of new SuperThings.

  • 80 new SuperThings to collect in each series.
  • 40 different characters in 2 colours each, a Hero and a Villain.
  • 6 silver team captains,
  • 2 gold SuperThings
  • The Ultra-Rare Character (NEONBLAST) .
  • 12 New Sliders

Where to buy the New SuperThings Kazoom Kids in the UK?

Although we still do not have official confirmation from the big retailers we are sure you will be able to buy the SuperThings Kazoom Kids in your usual shops.

SuperThings Kazoom Kids at Argos

Argos is usually the first one to put new Series on sale with great deals and low prices for blisters. Remember you can have Free Click and Collect Options when you buy them.

SuperThings Kazoom Kids at Tesco

You may need to look for a big Tesco near you as we do not think they will offer SuperThings in local Tesco. Check out Tesco’s website to find the nearest one and don’t forget to check their sales section.

SuperThings Kazoom Kids at Sainsbury’s

Argos and Sainsbury’s are both part of the same group so we are sure you will find these new SuperThings at both chains. We found really good deals on single packets and starter packs in old SuperThings series.

SuperThings Kazoom Kids at Amazon

As always the best offers and product range is always at Amazon. Take advantage of August Amazon’s cheap prices and their quick delivery service.

Amazon always guarantee you product quality and excellence in delivery. If you are an Amazon Prime member, SuperThings Kazoom Kids will arrive at your door within 24 hours.

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