How to play SuperThings

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For school

Here are the new board games for the little ones to have hours and hours of fun playing with SuperThings.

DonΒ΄t you know the SuperThings secret? We are going to teach how to play and have fun with these little fun characters.

The first thing you have to do is watch this video, which we are sure you’ll learn how to play with these little devils.

To play with these characters is to enjoy fights and battles between heroes and villains. Some children prefer to use their imagination in combat rings, like in the video, but you can do battles elsewhere.

You also have different spaces and accessories to create the scenery, such as those shown below.

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πŸ‘» Fun with SuperThings πŸ‘»

Children can recreate all the situations that their imagination leads them to. That’s why it’s so much fun to play with them. You have infinite possibilities of games as well as the large number of characters.

If you still can’t think of how to play with them, we suggest you some ways to enjoy them:

βš” Battle to the end

Place the SuperThings on both sides in your room, separated by about 2 meters, and if you have blocks or pieces make a small castle. Put the dolls in different areas of each castle. Then find a small foam ball and pretend it’s a cannon.

Each player throws the ball with his or her hand to knock down the opponents. The team that knocks down all the opponents first wins.

The good thing about this game is that you can play alone, in pairs or in groups, and with all the Superzings of the collection you have. You can even give extra lives to special superzings, which have to be knocked down twice to be eliminated.

There’s another variant by making a manual slingshot with a balloon and the top of a plastic bottle. Use a small plastic ball instead of a foam ball.

βš” Circle battle, only one can remain

Place the SuperThings on a circle, and from a distance of one metre, shoot a foam ball to get them out of the circle. When a little one comes out of the circle it is eliminated.

This game can be played individually or with several players. In this case, each player choose a team with their own colour and play to eliminate their opponents.

To reduce the time of the game, it is best to choose a few characters for each player.

βš” Bowling

As if it were a bowling game, you can place many characters in one area and play to knock them down with 3 throws.

You can do this alone or with friends. Count how many Superzings you bowl and add them up. At the end of 10 throws you add up the total number of knocked down figures. The one with the most wins.

These are three examples of different games that children can play with their characters, but in the end, the important thing is to have fun and to develop and stimulate their imagination. The youngest ones are very creative.

If you have any other games you can tell us about, send us an email and we will include them in this section.

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