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SUPERTHINGS Rescue Force Series box 50 surprise
SUPERTHINGS Rescue Force Series box 50 surprise

✌️ New SuperThings and accessories that have just been launched

SUPERTHINGS Fire Strike - Includes 2 Exclusive Figures and 2 Exclusive Vehicles
  • EXCLUSIVE FIGURES – Contains 2 exclusive vehicles, 2 exclusive SuperThings and accessories
  • GREAT PLAYABILITY – Water Rescuer must try to catch Wildfyre, who is fleeing in his helicopter after setting fire to half the city He uses the helicopter...
  • ENTER THE BATTLE - Can the hero put out the fire in time? The action in Kaboom City is endless! Discover the new adventures you can organize thanks to...
  • GUARANTEED FUN – The SuperThings are everyday objects that have come to life and have transformed into superheroes and villains They all live in Kaboom...
SUPERTHINGS Bank Assault - Includes 2 Exclusive Figures and 2 Exclusive Vehicles
  • EXCLUSIVE FIGURES – Contains 2 exclusive vehicles, 1 safe and 2 exclusive SuperThings
  • GREAT PLAYABILITY – Kaboom City bank is being robbed! Will the evil Gold Hands get away with it? Live this new adventure with the SuperThings Bank...
  • ENTER THE BATTLE - Will Agent Silverstar be able to stop Gold Hands from using the dynamite to open the safe and take the gold inside?
  • GUARANTEED FUN – The SuperThings are everyday objects that have come to life and have transformed into superheroes and villains They all live in Kaboom...
SuperThings - 6 Kazoom Machine Display (PSZSD166IN10), Includes 12 Exclusive Figures
  • 6 Kazoom Machine display with 12 exclusive figures. Now you have the same power as Professor K and Enigma with the Kazoom: you can transform objects and...
  • There are 3 Kazoom Machines to collect. In each door there is a drawing of the object that will be given life: a lollipop, a clock and a console
  • Would you rather they become a hero or a villain? Press the corresponding button... and the transformed object will appear! Wow!
  • Welcome to Kaboom City! The city of SuperZings, where you can create millions of stories and where Superheroes and SuperVillains will face each other in...

Join our SuperThings Fan club

Everything you need about SuperThings. The collection, the series, prices, where to buy them, their names and all the information you need.

Or the new board games to have hours and hours of fun!

Send us a photo or a drawing: info@superthingsfans.uk

Drawing SuperThings Guille
Drawing SuperThings Guille
Superthings drawings by Kike
SuperThings drawings by Kike
rodrigo 7 year old superthings collection
Rodrigo 7 year old SuperThings collection
SuperThings Unai eight years
SuperThings Unai eight years
superthings drawn by xabier 6 years
SuperThings drawn by Xabier 6 years
M. G. six Years
M. G. six Years
Drawing kid kazoom SuperThings by Thimeo 5 years
Drawing Kid Kazoom SuperThings by Thimeo 5 years

πŸ€– Welcome to the SuperThings Fan Club where you can get all the characters 

Photo of a collection of superthings from an event made by a fan
Photo of a collection of SuperThings from an event made by a fan

We are crazy about these endearing creatures. We love to collect them and play with them. Enjoy with these exclusive and funny characters.

That is why we have created this page, so that you can have all the information that is on the Internet about SuperThings. From the official brand’s communications, to the videos of the fans and their opinions.

The series are divided into characters that are grouped into teams and led by Super Rare Gold character. All teams have their captains.

The collection is also completed with stages and accessories. As they are figures, it is best to keep them in a box, they do not fit in a normal album. Our advice is to have a box for each series.

enero 1, 2019

πŸš€ SuperThings Secret Spies (Series 6) .

MagicBox has launched the Series 6. It’s already out, they’ve just changed their name. They’re now called SuperThings Secret Spies.

These new characters change colour when they get wet. They are new and surprising.

enero 1, 2019
enero 1, 2019

πŸš€ SuperThings Series 5

MagicBox has already launched Series 5. It was released in January 2020.

Series 5 has brought 81 new characters, with train vehicles and wagons that are hooked to it. Find out all the new additions!
You can now meet the ultra-rare character: Kid Fury.
You can see the image on our Series 5 page.
It has also brought out two special mission blister packs and the Kazoom machine box.

enero 1, 2019
enero 1, 2019

πŸš€ SuperThings Series 4.

Series 4 was released at the end of August 2019, with many new features. You can now find it everywhere.
Enjoy the 90 new SuperThings and their new vehicles and surprises.
You now have a page with all the information, with photos and descriptions of the different products they have launched.

The Series 4 has brought new envelopes for very little money. You can go and buy single envelopes easily.

There is some criticism about the fact that many are repeated in each box. But that is the opinion of the buyers, the long-suffering mothers or the long-suffering fathers, that get a repeated figure when they buy an envelope.

enero 1, 2019
enero 1, 2019

πŸš€ SuperThings Series 3

These new fun fighters are already here. You can see everything the new series 3 brings.

Their vehicles and the new characters that have arrived and the robots the SuperThings ride. We love them.

Breaking news! You have the complete list of the Series 3, and videos where you can see the new characters, their names and the clan they belong to. You also have the complete list of characters so that you can cross out the ones that you already have.

For us the collectors, we never get tired of new series, new characters and villains coming out. We love to play with them at the same time as we collect them.
Series 3 is already here and we can’t wait to get them all!

enero 1, 2019
enero 1, 2019

πŸš€ SuperThings Series 2

After the success of the first series MagicBox released “Superzings series 2 season”. New characters and figures that you can already buy in your favourite store.
These superheroes of normal things were divided into several teams.
Star Team
Furious Gang
Central Patrol
Mutant Bandits
You can have the Super Hero Leader and Villain and Ultra-Rare Professor k.
Others figures from the collection:
Kaboom Traps
Golden Towers
And some other exclusive Series 2 SuperThings.

enero 1, 2019
enero 1, 2019

πŸš€ SuperThings Rivals of Kaboom series 1

These naughty little guys started out with the “SuperThings Series 1”, which can now be purchased.
Each team in the collection has a rare Silver Finish, some in glass and the normal ones.
These superheroes were split into different teams.
Power Gang
Bay Force
Crazy Rebels
Sky Unit
Water Warriors
There are also the Golden Super Leaders and Ultra-rare Enigma.
Other figures from the collection:
Kaboom Traps
Golden Towers

enero 1, 2019

βœ… Where can I buy SuperThings on offer and the Superzings police station?

In online shops like Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress you can find the blister pack of the series 1 and series 2. They usually have all the collection figures.

In traditional shops in your city such as Hamleys or The Entertainer, they have everything that has come out. If you are looking for some characters in particular the best thing is to go over there. If you like the police station, go and try it out on their shelves first.

SuperThings Argos shopping guide:

Take advantage of the great deals & low prices of one of the leaders retailers in the UK. You can browse the collection and buy your SuperThings on Mobile. Then choose between same day delivery or Free Click and Collect options. They are available 7 days a week for you to have the best deal and product quality.

SuperThings Tesco shopping guide:

For sure you have a Tesco near you. They have 3400 stores nationwide so you don’t miss any offer! Try their online service and get your SuperThings delivered right to your door. Tesco has a wide range of SuperThings packs and accessories and if you’re not happy with your purchase, you can ask for a refund within 30 days.

SuperThings Sainsburys shopping guide:

Have a look at the best collection of toys for your child at Sainsburys. They have finally added SuperThings to their range of products. From the characters figures to the Superzings Battle Game. Get them all with Sainsburys’ quality and service guarantee. If you change your mind, they will happily exchange the product or refund it within 30 days.

Amazon’s shopping guide:

Take advantage of Amazon’s bargain prices, which are always among the cheapest you can find.

If you buy it from Amazon you will have all the delivery and quality guarantees of the largest shop in the world. Those who have an Amazon Prime account can also have free delivery. Take advantage of their benefits and the order will arrive at your door within 24 hours if you live in one of the big cities.

βœ… SuperThings Price

The prices may vary a little depending on the shop or the country.

For example, at Amazon you can buy 4 Mega Pack for 10 pounds. The price of the packs for the series 2 is similar, the Blister packs for about 10-15 pounds, and then you can buy other complements such as The Police Station with its prison or The Secret Laboratory for 25 pounds.

To buy them cheaply the best thing to do is to search among several shops and compare prices, and don’t forget to look at the shipping costs, which can sometimes be a surprise.

The special series can can be found on Amazon for 6 pounds.

βœ… Which countries sell SuperThings? Where do they have the can special series?

They are sold in many countries. You can find them in the United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland and Germany The company distributes them all over the world. Be sure you will find another fan in your area with whom to play or exchange your repeated figures.

If you don’t find them for sale in your area, you can always buy them on the internet. They sell them at good prices in the most famous shops. You must bear in mind that not all the shops serve their shipments to all the countries. Make sure they have delivery available to your area.

βœ… Cool things you can do with SuperThings

You can download drawings of these characters to color in the official website.

You have many videos about these toys on youtube.

In the official website you will find very cool comic books as well as a complete guide with all the information you need. Go and have a look!

You can find SuperThings games on the internet.

✌️ 12 reasons to collect SuperThings ✌️

  • βœ“  With the guarantee of a world’s leading brand: MagicBox.
  • βœ“  A great idea to learn how to collect and exchange with friends.
  • βœ“  Everyone have them. You can’t miss them in your toy collection.
  • βœ“  You won’t get bored with so many characters.
  • βœ“  You can play with several friends and they can all participate by having fun in a group and enjoying their characters.
  • βœ“  They are cheap. With little money you can create many fun stories.
  • βœ“  They are super fun.
  • βœ“  Figures that can be take everywhere.
  • βœ“  Fun with no limits. Go where your imagination takes you.
  • βœ“  They are always a surprise, you never know what might come out in those mysterious envelopes.
  • βœ“  Fun and play never end, you can spend days and months playing without getting tired.
  • βœ“  They have many accessories so that the fun never ends.

SuperThings videos

🏷️ Frequently asked questions

πŸ€” Where to begin with?

Start by the series you like best, but see if you can find one on sale in your favourite shop and take advantage of the discounts to buy your mystery envelopes.

πŸ€” Is it safe?

They are safe for kids over 3 years as they are small pieces that are not suitable to babies. When looking at them closer, you will soon realize how safe these toys are and how much fun children have with them.

πŸ€” Where can you buy SuperThings?

Apart from Amazon, from where we offer you the SuperThings and where you can easily find great packs in stock at all times, you can get them in supermarkets such as Tesco or Sainsburys or any shop specialised in toys such as Hamleys or The Entertainer. Also, find them in the big shops such as Argos.

SuperThingsfans.uk participates in the Amazon UK Affiliate Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to offer websites a way to earn advertising commissions by advertising and including links to Amazon.co.uk Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its group companies. You have all the guarantees of this company.

πŸ€” What age are they suitable for?

They are the perfect toys for kids from 3 to 9 or 10 years old. If you really like to collect them, there is no age limit. Even adults go crazy about these little characters. They are great fun and will look great on the shelves of your house.

πŸ€” How much do they cost?

The basic envelope costs around 2 pounds, depending on the shop where you buy them. From there you can buy special boxes or complements at a higher price. It is best to look at several shops to find the best deal.

πŸ€” How often do the series come out?

So far they have released 2 series in a single year. That depends on the sales success and the fans demand.

If the products are out of stock it is because Amazon does not have any more in stock. Sometimes they put an advertisement stating that they are out of stock and with the date when they plan to have them again.

πŸ€”How many SuperThings are there?

If we take into account the series 3, there are about 250 SuperThings in total. In addition you have the vehicles, the police station, the secret laboratory, the bus and the new robots that have come out in the series 3.

But in the series 4 there will be 80 new characters, apart from the ones for the chocolate eggs. 16 new characters that have been announced.

πŸ€” When does the series 4 of SupeThings come out?

They are already on their way, expected in August 2019. You already have a whole page talking about this new series.

πŸ€” What else is there about the SuperThings?

Thanks to the success of these funny and squeezy characters, new things are coming out.

You can already get T-shirts of various types. They are very cool.

They have also brought out board games.

➑️ What are the SuperThings?

They are fun little collectible characters, which come out in different series, each one having heroes and villains.

They are grouped by teams. Some characters are more common than others and easier to get The rare and ultra rare ones are very difficult to get.

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